Let’s Rebuild Detroit

Detroit Build is Excited to be a Part of the Restoration & Revitalization of Homes in Detroit

Rebuilding Homes in Detroit | Detroit Build - Kitchen61

There's just too much beauty in this spectacular city to not do what we can to help rebuild it, one brick at a time.  Where many contractors have shied away from our state's jewel, we have embraced it, and look forward to revitalizing dreams

From Boston Edison to Corktown, and from Palmer Park to Indian Village, we've taken a front seat to rebuilding a city that we are passionate about. Although we've done plenty of projects in Detroit through the years, things are different now. There's an exuberance and vibrant energy that is unmatched by any other major US city. We are ecstatic about the projects we have recently completed. We are having an absolute blast with the projects we are in process of now and we can't wait to see what's on the horizon for this magnificent city.

Rebuilding Homes in Detroit | Detroit Build - Church
Rebuilding Homes in Detroit | Detroit Build - EDISON1
Rebuilding Homes in Detroit | Detroit Build - BOSTON_updated

For more information about how we can help you transform your Metro Detroit property into the dream home you imagined when you first saw it, contact a construction and renovation contractor who can see as much potential as you do! Contact Detroit Build today at (248) 677-0551 and we can get started on step one: The Vision.